Dear Resident

I got a solicitation from a local firm addressed to “resident”

How impersonal! I was pissed at the arrogance of these people. Not to know my name. Or anything about me. And here they were trying to get me to go to some housing development or other called Bliss Boulevard. Said I already had a place up there.

Resident! Indeed. Then I saw this on the bottom: “The unexamined mind is a hazardous place for the resident” — I chuckled. In my own mind, I am “I”, I don’t have a name. The watcher, the observer, the live in resident.

So I stopped and read it again: It said –

Dear Resident –

Many of us are too busy dealing with the gears of life to focus on the things that bring us joy. Imagine that you have a great stand-up comic that lives inside of your mind. That guy would know just what to say to you to get you cheerful, yes? Imagine a place where all your possibilities were yours to pick and choose for YOUR reasons alone. Imagine a restaurant with the most fabulous menu of emotions. That place is already available to you: the Resident. It is YOURS to move in and take charge any time you want.

The joy of a great stand-up comic already lives on your section of Bliss Boulevard. You already have the place of possibilities in you, don’t you? Dish up your favorite Joys. Come visit. St. John’s Jim can guide you into your very own spot.

You are the resident. Visit often. Get to know the place.

You visit the spa to have the world see you better, visit Bliss Blvd to see the world better.

Then I noticed: St. John’s Jim!??! That’s me! This is a shameless plug for my own services. Now I am steamed, Who do I think I am?