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How May I Help You?

First, a little joke from one of those classic Cheech and Chong movies:

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?

Only one, but it takes a long time, and the light bulb really has to want to change.

Traditional psychology can take a really long time, but if the right techniques are used, that time can become really, really short! There is no scientific reason that psychology needs to be done slowly. And in fact, there is no scientific proof that one psychological treatment style is really any more or less valid than another.

Dr. Milton Erickson used to tell about a young man in his home town. The boy had grown into a delinquent — stealing, vandalizing, hurting people. He had been in juvenile detention more than once. On his release, he had stolen a boat, committed a robbery, and hidden his loot. No one had been able to make a change in this young man — no one could get through to him.

But one day, he was walking down the street and saw the Mayor’s daughter. He swaggered up to her and asked if he could take her to the dance on the upcoming Saturday night. Now you or I might think that was an outrageous request, but the daughter simply said: “You can, if you are a gentleman.”

The youth understood this to mean that he needed to really be a gentleman, not just act like a gentleman. So, he returned the loot, and the boat. He started treating the townspeople with respect. And he took the Mayor’s daughter to the dance, and married her, becoming one of the town’s best citizens.

Now that’s great psychology! Dr. Erickson said there was no more effective or briefer therapy than those words that young woman said: “You can, if you are a gentleman”

I can’t guarantee you that your personal change will be this fast, but it is my goal to give you the most effective change in the best way possible, in the shortest time.

Many counselors will want to take it slow, saying “it’s not how much I know, but how much I care.” I honor this too, but I care enough to get you to your change sooner, rather than later. I don’t think that having you suffer longer is a good way to show you how much I care about your well being. If you want a change sooner, rather than later, you should see me soon.

That’s the reason that I look for the most effective and best techniques from hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (emotional freedom techniques.) And I use them at your service. If we can work to get you the change you want, that’s great.

How does all this work? Let me tell you another little story: When I was a child, I grew up in the northwest corner of Washington State. This is where big trees are harvested and turned into lumber. It’s Paul Bunyan country. Big trees growing on high mountain sides above roaring rivers. The loggers would cut the trees and drag them down into the river so that they would float down stream to the lumber mill.

But sometimes the trees would get all tangled in the water and form a log-jam. They would stop up the river, keeping the trees from flowing, and holding back the water. Now the logging had to come to a stand-still and the lumber mill would go idle. The oldest and wisest of the loggers would go to the log-jam and inspect the logs and the banks and the stream.

After looking at the whole mess, they would find one or two key trees that needed to be loosened up. First one, then another. And then pretty soon the jam would break up and start moving downstream. And then the logging and the mill could resume normally.

This is what happens at The Celarien Experience�. I help get the log-jam of your emotions and values to start to break up. As we work together, I start by moving key elements of the blockage. Then, you realize that you are able to gain control of your own emotional blockages. And keep your own emotional processes working for you instead of holding you back.

Celarien� is a word that means ‘emotional ecology,’ It’s how you can take charge of your emotions to guide you through life and function more holistically. To take charge of your emotions, rather than the other way around. Call me at 808-224-5433 and make an appointment.