Romance, Relationships and Break-ups

A break-up is the worst!

Yes, a break-up is one of the worst things that can happen.  Yes, there are worse things, but in almost every case, there are competent professionals that can deal with your problem, a doctor for your broken leg, a psychiatrist for your long-term depression.

For a break-up, however, you are pretty much on your own, and that’s a fact.  If you are a guy your friends will simply tell you to ‘get over it,’ ‘suck it up,’  or otherwise push you to shut up about it, because they don’t want to deal with it.  If you are a girl, your friends may let you cry with them, and talk it over, and that’s a good thing.  But seldom do you get the right answers. You will ask: “What went wrong?  How can I avoid that in the future?  Can it be fixed?  Should I go back? Can I get him/her back?” 

There are lots of answers and none of them may be the right answer for you unless you have a guide who will help you:

  • Deal with the pain
  • Help you assess what went wrong
  • Help you gain the self improvement you need
  • Coach you through the times when it all seems too much to handle.

I specialize in romance,  relationships and break-ups.  I can help you with this problem whether you are 18 or 81.  Yes, I know the pain, and I know the techniques, meditations, re-frames and improvement strategies to deal with all of the above.

Can I guarantee that you get your partner back?  No, of course I won’t.  That partner may just be the worst for you in the long run, and I can’t know that without talking with you.  But what I do know is this:  You deserve to feel better, have a better chance at romantic success and a better relationship in the future.


How can I do this?  Romance, like anything else in life is an ‘inside job.’  If you are emotionally whole and regain your center and have your emotions working for you instead of against you, then you will have, must have, and are destined to have a great relationship.  That’s the truth.


To get that wholeness, I strongly suggest you contact me.  808 224 5433