What to do while God’s on Vacation

My daily prayers finally connected with the cosmic switchboard and I got This message from the big answering machine in the sky:

“Hi, this is God. Yes, it’s a great universe, isn’t it. Life’s the best, ain’t it? I’m going to be on vacation for a few cycles. Take good care of the place till I get back, OK? Leave your prayers, adulations, hosannas and offerings after the beep…”

OMG! Who’s in charge now? Just how long has he been on vacation? When will he get back? What does he mean when he says “take good care of the place?”

I broke open my dog-eared copy of “what to do while God’s on Vacation” and started to read.

  1. Start with what you really know. Reality, time, consciousness, your own spirituality of the Whole.
  2. Accept it.
  3. Love it.
  4. Only then, change it for the higher good.
  5. Keep it in good working order, the longer the better, for more opportunity for more rather than less.
  6. Pass the word along, you’ll need help.
  7. Eat at the James John Cafe. The chops and grits are worthy enough to mention here.
  8. Then it hit me. “WE” are in charge. “WE” need to preserve, protect, keep things in good working order. For a life-force, of which we humans seem to be the current leaders, we want to insure the continued continuity, growth and harmony of life, and if we play our cards right, US.

    If one particular person can get a vision of his bliss, clean up his values so that his emotional reactions and intellect are in harmony with that vision, mighty things can happen. That’s the basic premiss of Celarien. Especially so if a nation or culture can do that. Our challenge is that all of us reap the rewards, and all of us get more comfortable with the idea that “WE” are responsible for our collective future. “WE” can create any future we want. Let’s shoot for the higher good.