The Peak Experience of “I Need You, Mom”

The peak experiences of life are those great moments that surpass all others.  For a mother whose children have grown up and left home, that most peak experience has got to be hearing her grown child say: “I need you, mom”

That childhood request this woman has heard a million times are now absent.  All she has are the dim memories.  Memories that only light up and shine when she hears those few words.  Memories that take her back to that overpowering drive of love combined with the youthful stamina of her “young mommy” days.  That stamina that she misses dearly.  That overpowering drive of love that she misses dearly.

The  formal businesswoman comes down the escalator off of the plane: she is only in town for a moment — long enough to make three telephone calls and a power stroll through the traveler’s convenience stores.  But her daughter is here in this city, and even though the stop-over is miniscule, she calls her grown-up daughter who is resolute in the quest of young adulthood — find out about as much of life as you can in the shortest time possible.

But today, the quest of young adulthood has taken it’s toll on that otherwise feisty and resilient young woman.  On hearing her mother’s voice, the gathered clouds of over-endurance and doubt break through the famous veneer that she shows to all: all  except mom, that is.  And mom hears that appeal from the past: “mom, I need you”

And formality evaporates in the A-bomb of the moment: businesswoman morphs, and mom is now a mom again.  A hasty meeting is arranged so that those few moments can be spent in that most intimate way.  Secrets are shared, promises made, comfort is given, mom’s word is again gospel.

That verbal A-bomb begins a peak experience that will last long after the plane has taken off.  Even coach would feel like first class until that peak calms down into the normal flow of daily emotions.

How blessed you are, mom…     “Mom, I need you.”

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