The Birth of St. John’s Jim

The weekend of June 25 is one big No-Fest here in the St. John’s neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Lot’s of people out to grab our new best weather ever. Let’s face it, we have had about five warm and sunny days this year, and it is JUNE 25!!

I’ll be out in my Celarien Kid uniform

Jim Hinds in St. John's district of Portland

This man will get you totally blissed out!

and letting folks know about the Bliss Quest that not only gets folks to a high that few have experienced, but is rumored to aid spiritual development.

Ask me for a discount off the normal $45 dollar price: I’m easy!

About Jim:

Think about this:

What if you heard about a guy that lost everything he owned to some great economic and personal disaster?

His car.

His home.

In some weird way, he even lost all of his money.

He lost every damn thing!

But when you go over to tell him how sorry you feel for him, you discover that his mood is greater than yours!

He is more upbeat than you are!

Despite losing everything, he appears ready to take on the world and is cheerful in everyway possible.

Well aware that there are insurmountable obstacles and profound defeats still ahead, there is true bliss dead ahead.

That’s Jim!