Statement of Beliefs

These are the basic tenants of The Celarien Experience:

  • After we have met our basic needs for survival, shelter, food, and self-image, we are in search of something more: self-actualization and the continual search for life’s peak experiences
  • The rules of these quests are the five pillars:
    1. Passion,
    2. Communication,
    3. Alignment of Values,
    4. Right Action
    5. and

    6. Direction.
  • The internal quest requires reassessing your own internal terrain, including these domains:
    • emotional
    • intellectual
    • physical
    • spiritual
  • That your realizations of the ultimate essences of the universe will be hampered by your own human limitations and the lack of development and clarity of these domains.
    Simply put, If you are weak, you wont win the Mr. Universe title; If your emotions are blocked, you will be unable to relate to yourself or others.
  • That improvement in these domains can be found various forms, including, but not necessarily limited tohermit2:
    • Guided Meditation (hypnosis)
    • unguided Meditation (transendental, chanting)
    • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
    • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
    • Yogic Practices
    • Empirical and Scientific analysis and invention
    • Study of Great Books. Each may be appropriate or not depending on that person’s beliefs, background, and development. For some seekers, the Bible is the only book, for others, the Bible is merely one of many Great Books, for other seekers, the Bible is a hinderance to their development. The Celarien Experience has no prejudice as to the suitability of bible stories for any particular person.
  • We believe that these principles form a basis for faith in continual improvement in spiritual connection for any person. That is, these principles form a basis for connection with the ultimate essence of all creation

In light of these beliefs and principles, The Celarien Experience hereby declares and establishes itself as a Free Church, existing solely in the minds and spirits of the adherents to these beliefs. The Celarien Experience declares the sole right to include or exclude or modify these tenets at any time, as dictated by The Celarien Experience to itself.

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