Can you cure a disease or diagnose an injury?

Hypnosis works through the mind. The mind is not the body, and there is no sense in trying to fix a broken leg with hypnosis. So go see a doctor first.

We do know, however,that researchers like Dr Ernest Rossi tell us that the mind is in control of your body, and can adjust many aspects of your bodies responses, even down to the cell level. This is the basis for the famous ‘placebo effect,’ where a person actually self-heals. Mainstream medicine and drug companies go to great lengths to REMOVE the placebo effect from your medical treatment.

But, If you could maximize the placebo effect and heal yourself or make it go more quickly, why wouldn’t you? Hypnosis is an attempt to control and maximize this effect, and make it a tool for your own health. If you have a serious problem, ask your doctor or psychologist if hypnosis might assist in your treatment.