How much does it cost?

Do you have a guarantee? Do you take insurance?

A session at the Celarien Experience lasts about 90 minutes. The current price is $90 per session. Just think of the things that you easily spend that much or more on that really won’t make an important difference in your life — shoes, a dress, an expensive restaraunt or a concert. Isn’t your money better spent on you?

How many sessions does it take? The Celarien Experience does not believe that extensive therapy is best done by hypnosis. Substance abuse and addictions can require extensive therapy. We can refer you to any number of programs that have extensive lists of counselors and therapists. With that said, most people get what they need in one or two sessions. Now that’s brief!

What about the guarantee? In ten years of hypnosis experience, I have found that the number of people who don’t get the change they want is very, very small. So here is the guarantee: At the end of the session, you get to decide: Was this worth the money or not? If you like the results, you pay. If you don’t, then you don’t pay. What could be more fair than that?

And no, with a guarantee like that why on earth would I want to take insurance?