Can hypnosis help me with drug, alcohol, or tobacco addictions?

If you have any physical addictions, you need to see a doctor for the physical part of your addiction. There is an emotional component for substance abuse problems that usually requires a more lengthy psychological or clinical therapy. However, it is true that hypnosis has been effective for many people, and if you still wish to make an appointment, here are the guidelines:Jim will meet with you and assess your commitment to losing your addictions. Your motivation, dedication, and grounding in reality are important here.If you agree with Jim that there is a possibility that hypnosis will be useful, then you and Jim will agree to a minimum number of sessions, usually 3 to 6, and usually require you to do specific activities (homework) after you leave the office.Like all other sessions, you only pay for what changes you find helping you in the direction you wish to go. Otherwise you may terminate at any time.There is no other guarantee of specific performance for you or any refund of the fee after the sessions are completed.